Escaping rooms & Gusto-Leeds

Saturday 1st April, not just April Fools Day, but also the day my family decided to try ‘Escape the Room’ in Leeds.

This was a Christmas present that was kindly bought for my family and my boyfriend (Mum Renu, Dad Andy, Brother Hamish and Boyfriend Ted) and we were so excited to see what this was going to entail. I’d read on the website that it is a fun and interactive activity that encourages team work and good communication. Before we arrived, I believed that between us we held a number of useful skills that may help us succeed. Strength and agility-Ted and Hamish, Logic-Me, Creativity and patience-Mum, and the one that always thinks he’s right-my dad. (not a useful skill but funny/annoying to witness).

So, we decided to give it a go. We were taking part in the “Classroom” challenge and I honestly can’t envisage how you could escape if you weren’t given any help or pointers. I won’t give anything away, but the aim of the game is to try and piece together all the clues and simultaneously work as a team. I think the biggest achievement is managing to escape’ whilst still talking to each other, and not have had a full blown argument. Luckily, this didn’t happen to us on this occasion. But I can imagine if you had a room full of competitive people (dad), it might make you dislike the whole experience being locked in a room full of impatient people.

However, I would definitely recommend this a fun, team-building activity. Another tip for you though -don’t turn up like my brother did after 3 pints, as you just run round like a mad men and all logic and agility goes out the window.


We escaped 3 seconds after the timer, but that’s basically a win when you have a tipsy person in your group. AWW look at us so happy and still friends. ⇓⇓


Then me and Ted decided to head into town as we were fancying a night out in Leeds after all that hard work…

Ted had booked us a meal at Gusto in Leeds. It’s located on Greek St, which recently has become a buzzing hub of restaurants and new bars such as The Liquorist and the Alchemist.

When we first arrived at the restaurant, the decor immediately caught my eye. The modern lighting and atmosphere exuded such a romantic yet glamorous vibe. It felt like you could be eating outside as the tables in the restaurant were enveloped by trees covered in fairy lights.


I would really love one of these in my dining room when I’m a homeowner to be honest. I didn’t touch them to see if they were real however they definitely make the dining experience feel very unique and ‘Al-fresco esque.’

We were seated in really comfy leather booths with marble tables which reminded me of those films where you see people in New York going for after work cocktails. Classy right?

 However the only matter of contention I do have was that you were sat very close to the people next to you. I could hear the couple to my right’s full conversation and I could even see how much they paid when they got their bill! (Yes I shouldn’t be looking but you get how close we were don’t you?)


Starter- we shared a caprese salad and a rosemary and sea salt garlic pizza. Caprese-can’t fault it, it’s quite hard to get this wrong unless the cheese has gone off and tastes fizzy (I have experienced this before). But, the garlic bread was so thin, it was more like garlic crisps. I don’t like deep pan pizzas but this delicate, featherweight bread was something I wasn’t expecting and the picture doesn’t capture just how crisp it really was. Also you can see from the picture that on each slice there must have been a whole garlic clove visible AND garlic oil.


Therefore we agreed we’d head straight to Tesco Express after the meal for a pack each of ‘Extra strong Airwaves’ (needed.)

♥Teds Main- Roast Chicken Breast with creamed leeks, tomato and caper dressing with fried gnocchi. Ted had no complaints (he rarely does about food as he is not a fussy eater at all.) He did say he made the perfect choice before a night out as it wasn’t too heavy. Or in an alcoholics terms-you can get drunk more quickly.


Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

♥My Main- Fillet of Pork Saltimbocca with mashed potato and marsala sauce. Saltimbocca means wrapped in sage and parma ham and I was pleasantly surprised that the Pork wasn’t dry at all. It was a lovely balance of sweet yet light flavours. So nice in fact that I saw it on the Marks and Spencer’s Dine in and opted for it just two days later. My main was also the perfect size as I did think about ordering pasta but thought that might soak up too much of the dancing juice. TACTICS…


I’d learnt from my previous idiotic mistakes from my visit to Piccolinos in Sheffield, not to drink Vodka in a ‘fancy’ restaurant. So we avoided all alcohol (can you believe it?!) until desert when we ordered two espresso martini’s. This was the perfect drink to re-awaken your senses after a meal and to get you ready for the night out. I didn’t manage to get a picture (sorry) as it was gone in about 30 seconds.

We left the restaurant feeling more than satisfied and my purse hadn’t been hit too hard either! Off we went to Call lane for a night full of Vodka Red Bulls and RnB.

A fabulous Saturday from start to end. What more could you want?

Overall Ratings for Gusto Leeds– Atmosphere 8/10. Food 8.10 Value for money 7.5/10

Thank you for reading and hopefully see you again soon!