Fantastic Feasts & Where To Find Them-what am I up to?

Hi all, can I please start by saying a huge thank you for clicking the link that I no doubt will have sent you and asked you to ‘check out.’

a bit about me♦

My name is Anushka Minshull. I like to tell myself that I’m the only person with this name, possibly in the world. The amount of people who ask me to spell it, pronounce it, or start singing Kate Bush ‘Babushka?’ at me, I’m like ‘well clearly you’ve never heard a name quite like that before have you?♥♥♥


That’s me ^^

I live in Yorkshire, and if you know me, you know I bloody love talking about (gravy) being Northern.

So I’m here, ‘blogging’ and hopefully in the future vlogging, because I enjoy writing and taking snaps. Also who doesn’t appreciate going out drinking and for meals?

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