MAC Lipstick Loves-guide to colours and finishes

I fancied talking about another one of my favourite things in life after dining out and drinking.

Lipsticks♥♥ My favourite brand for lipsticks is without doubt MAC.

Image result for mac cosmetics A main reason for this is because they state they are a brand that celebrates diversity and individuality.– “we are for All Ages, All Races, All Sexes.” This is displayed perfectly through their far reaching range of colours, elegant or outrageous. They just seem to know exactly what they’re doing and are often ahead of the times with their unique creations. They always produce such chic and great quality make up that’s created with love, to encourage everybody to express themselves differently and be individual.

When I was younger and especially when I was a student, I did think MAC was a brand that I’d only be able to afford once/twice a year or put on my birthday and Christmas lists. However, now I’m working, although I don’t want to purchase too often, I have managed to build up a good collection of their make up. I want to review specifically in this post about their lipsticks.

Lipsticks– £16.50 this price has recently increased. Actually, that’s one grievance I have with MAC as I often notice their prices rise quite frequently. They have over 200 shades in their lipstick range with some very daring and dramatic colours and an array of formulas. I seem to have collected many of the nudes and this is EXACTLY the thought that goes through my head every time I’m stood by the lipstick counter…Image result for jokes about lipsticks

I would definitely recommend trying the lipsticks on before you purchase or at least see what they look like on another person as it’s very difficult to tell the true shades from the colour charts on the website.

So I thought I’d show you my ‘nudes’ collection and try on the colours for you. In MAC foundation terms, I am a NC20. I think I’ve carelessly misplaced a few of my lipsticks, so here are the ones I currently can locate. I hope you find this helpful and please do let me know other colours you think I might like. ♥ here goes…


Image result for jokes about lipsticks

Honeylove- matte. Claims to be a ‘light beige toned with rose.’ I sometimes feel this is slightly too light for me, and maybe looks too much like’foundation lips.’ However, this is quite a neutral shade that would suit most skin types.



Kindy Sexy- matte. ‘Neutral Pinky Rose’ Very similar to Honey Love but is more peachy and somehow felt smoother to apply and more moisturising then honey love even though they’re both mattes.


Velvet Teddy- matte. The mattes are very opaque and have no shimmer in them which makes them very long lasting. I recommend these when you have a long day (or night!) ahead as you don’t have to reapply as often. Velvet Teddy is a best seller for MAC and a firm favourite of mine. (not just because of the name). This lip colour was made even more famous by Kylie Jenner. I often pair this with Whirl or Soar Lip liner just to give the impression of fuller lips (although I haven’t done this in this photo). It’s a lipstick that claims to be a “deep tone beige” and like most MAC nudes, I think it looks great for both day-wear and evening.

Trust me, you’ll look put together even if you’re not.



Persistence- matte. ‘Peachy cinnamon’ Slightly less pink toned than persistence, and would look lovely with a smokey eye. 



Whirl-matte. ‘Dirty rose’. I don’t really get the ‘rose’ bit, maybe a mauve yes. This is my darkest nude and I don’t think I would suit any darker. I know there are a few darker ones in their range, but this is the bravest I’m going at the moment.


Mehr matte.Dirty blue pink’. I mean the description doesn’t sound that nice but it looks OK right? I only applied one layer, but this does look more pigmented when you have two layers on and it also goes really well with soar lip liner.



Sin- matte. ‘Deep Dark Blue Red’. Not a nude…oops. I don’t mind this colour but it’s not my favourite. I think it suits me the least and it’s impossible to wear without a lip liner. So maybe it’s more that it’s more effort which is why I’m not always reaching to it, but nevertheless it’s my only ‘reddy’ colour of MAC lipsticks that I own so it’s important to have colour in  your collection.


Modesty- creme sheen, which although doesn’t stay on as long as the Matte’s, it feels more nourishing for your lips. This is exceptionally more noticeable, when you’ve just tried an array of matte lipsticks one after the other! I have often told my best friend Charlotte to wear this colour as I find the muted neutral ‘purply’ pink colours really bring out green/hazel eyes. If you’re reading this Charlotte, get it.



Twig- Satin. ‘Soft muted brownish pink’. Satin finishes have a wonderful colour pay off, but are certainly not as drying as mattes and right now are giving my lips a well deserved break. I think I’ve just decided that Satin is my favourite finish. I’m going to purchase some more! This colour goes really well with ‘half red’ lip liner and especially when you have browns/blacks on the eyes.


Brave- Satin. Pink-beige with white pearl’ Quite pale pink and I think this colour would look really nice on a holiday evening when you have a tan! 


Faux- Satin. ‘Muted Mauve pink.’ This is my favourite colour after Velvet Teddy. It literally goes with any eye make up and although you can tell you’re wearing lipstick it’s still very nude and natural.



Saint Germain- amplified creme. The amplified cremes basically mean they are highly pigmented and long wearing but they don’t dry your lips as much as matte lipsticks do as they have a slightly glossy finish. This was the first MAC lipstick I was ever bought (thanks Mum for enabling my addiction!). This was back in the year 11/sixth form days when pale pinks and foundation lips were thought to be ‘on trend.’ I hardly reach for this colour now, but if I’ve got a tan from holiday, it doesn’t look too bad!



I do have some of the MAC liquid lipsticks, however before I review any of those, I want to add a few more to my collection to make it a little more worthwhile. I might do a Liquid Lipstick review soon!

Thank you for reading, my lips are now ruined and I’m meant to be going out for drinks in an hour. Here is a swatch on my arm of the following nudey colours.

I hope you found this useful and please do let me know if there’s other lipsticks (nudes in particular) you think I should be owning. 

What’s your favourite MAC colour? What finish do you prefer? Let me know!


Swatches in order (from left to right). Honey Love, Kinda sexy, Velvet Teddy, Persistence, Whirl, Modesty, Brave Faux, Twig, Mehr.






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