Sheffield-The Return

This was the 3rd time I’ve visited Sheffield this year. After graduating in July 2014, it’s quite obvious I’ve had withdrawal symptoms and no not just because I still haven’t stumbled across Alex Turner down West Street.

Sheffield is known for its steel production and being a history graduate, I should be able to tell you some well known steel producers from the 1800’s should I not?… NO. Can we all just clarify that just because I studied history, it doesn’t mean I know everything that’s ever happened ever ever ever.

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

with my ‘steelers’

for example… this issue comes up frequently at pubs quizzes.

“Who invented the umbrella?”
“Come on, you should know this, you do History”

rant over.

The thing that sticks in my mind when I think of the good ol’ Uni days is the MASSIVE hills. Wikipedia describes Sheff as ‘geographically diverse’ but that’s just a posh and polite way of saying the hills are a bloody joke if, like me, you got lil legs.


See, they don’t even touch the ground when sitting on the average park bench.

What Sheffield isn’t particularly well known for is its food, unless it’s a cheeky chicken burger from Adnans at 3am (you know what I’m saying Liv?)fullsizeoutput_1098


But then again, please bear in mind, I am just talking from a student’s perspective and let me tell you, we weren’t exactly on the look out for the most ostentatious and ornate restaurants.

So as this is mainly a blog where I want to review food and drinks, be it fancy or familiar, as well as talking about general things that happen in my social life, I thought I’d go to a restaurant and suss things out…

Right calm down, cause I’m only off to bloody Piccolino’s but why wouldn’t the average Josephine want to visit there?  I’m going with my mate Liv (on the right in the last pic, she also did history at Sheffield with me) & our table’s booked for 7.30pm.

But first, we arrived at the hotel-Travelodge Sheffield (we’re girls on a budget this weekend if you haven’t already worked that one out, or at least that was our intention). They asked us in the Sheffield Travelodge if we’d be wanting room service. How about sending up a larger room?

Okay so we, ∗me, my lil legs and Liv∗started by wandering from our hotel to The Botanist. The Botanist is known for its cocktails and ambient atmosphere and as the Sheffield branch is the most recent in the chain to open, we decided to see what the fuss was about. We’re the kind of girls that don’t mind what after hours joint we end up in, but we always tell ourselves that our first drink will be a classy one. I stupidly told Liv that I would get the first round. 1 double gin and tonic (Livs) and 1 double vodka soda fresh lime (mine) cost me £17… Now, I’m used to going out in Harrogate which isn’t the cheapest town, but I did decline the receipt as I didn’t want this reminder in the morning. For two ‘simple’ drinks, it did seem a bit steep. But then again, without charging this price, how else would they be able to keep adding to their ever so quirky light collection??


Piccolino’s was only a short walk from The Botanist in Millennium Square. If any of you have been to Sheffield before, it’s situated in the really pretty square that’s filled with water features including sphere silver balls.

Funny story, one Halloween I thought the purple lighting looked so appealing and made the water look “inviting” that I took it upon myself to climb in to one of the deeper ‘pool like’ water features. Tell me you wouldn’t, it’s pretty right?Image result for sheffield winter gardens square


But I wasn’t a pretty sight after, I’ll tell you that now…↓↓


I digress. When we arrived at Picollinos, we were seated in the lovely heated ‘conservatory’ area which is an add on to the main restaurant. I would give the atmosphere a solid 8 out of 10 as the lighting was perfect and it did feel as if we were dining abroad. (Would be a 10 out of ten if we were actually abroad, it wasn’t hailing outside and it wasn’t a 5 mile trek to the toilet).

♥Liv’s Food- Parma Ham & Melon. Steak & House Salad. Shared Caprese salad. Liv had absolutely no complaints, the steak wasn’t dry but she couldn’t quite make it to the Caprese salad, as she was full up on Hendricks.

♥My Food- Parma Ham & Melon. Tagliatelle Bolognese. Shared Caprese Salad. The starter was £8.50 which I did think was fairly pricey, but I still don’t think you can beat that sweet and salty combination. The Bolognese again was lovely, although very filling. I will say however that it didn’t quite beat my mum’s recipe (Hi mum if you’re reading).

What made the food seem more wonderful, was how the menu describes all the ingredients they use and where they have been sourced or produced. This is simultaneously very educational, whilst also enhancing the restaurant’s passion for the food and their dedication in wanting their customers to have an authentic dining experience.

BUT when we received the bill I was (for the second time that evening) slightly taken aback at the expense and we’d only left the safe haven of the economical Travelodge two hours before! I didn’t eat anything that extravagant so I was confused as to why when I received the bill it cost me £45.90!..

Oh wait! The alcohol. I thought I was being sensible by sticking to the vodka and therefore not mixing my drinks. Two vodka soda and fresh limes, cost me £19!!! It turns out that you literally have to pay a hefty price in order to minimise the chances of being sick on the M1 hard shoulder the next morning.

Once again, I declined the receipt and left with my purse dramatically lighter. I needed a new bank account, this one had almost ran out of money.  So off we trotted to Wetherspoons for a well deserved cheap tipple and a mingle with the locals.

Overall ratings for Picollinos Sheffield: Atmosphere 8/10. Food 7.5/10 Price 5/10

Thank you for reading and hopefully see you again soon!



One thought on “Sheffield-The Return

  1. So funny! Love this. I have literally never been to Sheffield. What the actual fudge. Looking forward to the next post!

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